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We are a Christian transitional living facility for homeless single mothers and their minor children.

  1. Contact The Shelter’s main line at 808-468-1855
  2. Select the option to speak with the Program Manager
  1. Fill out and submit an application to the Program Manager.
  2. Once a vacancy is expected, screenings and interviews will begin for those who have submitted applications.
  3. There is a multi-step interview process. Depending on many different variables and factors, you can expect to go through 1-4 interviews before a decision is made as to which applicant will be accepted into our program.

Our program is small; thus, we do not have openings very often. Depending on when you apply, it may be anywhere from a few weeks to several months before we have a vacancy to fill. Our staff will do our best to let you know when you submit your application how long we expect it to be before interviews to fill the next vacancy begin.

  1. Interviews may consist of phone calls, video-conference calls, face-to-face interviews, and/or on-campus site visits.
  2. Typically you will be interviewed by the Program Manager and Executive Director, but may also speak with other staff from The Shelter.
  3. We seek to understand who our applicants are to best gauge the likelihood of success in our program and compatibility with the other residents already living in our facility. There will be a variety of questions about your personal life, family, children, relationship with God, church attendance, jobs, and much more.

This depends on how many residents already have vehicles on our property. The city and county regulate how many resident vehicles are allowed to be kept on-site, so this decision has to be made on a case-by-case and first-come, first-serve basis.


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